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Our Vision

Improve the health and well-being of all South Carolinians, provide indirect economic benefits to the state via improved work productivity, and decrease absenteeism and health care costs. The 10-year goal is to become a multi institution based national center of excellence. Most importantly, the activities of TACHL will help contribute to a reduction in the chronic disease health disparities ravaging the state and result in improved health and well-being of all South Carolinians.











We have launched technology-based products that address key targets—such as stress reduction, smoking prevention/cessation, bio-function /biomarker monitoring, medication adherence, physical activity and diet -that cut across a wide range of health care conditions.


TACHL has the infrastructure to conduct the hardware creation, software development, deployment and maintenance of applications in a secure encrypted environment.


Stay connected with every tweet, post, and channel on our social media accounts.


Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) delivered dynamically via multiple channels. Communication, consent and survey in secure and HIPAA compliant environment.


We offer a unique personalized motivational engagement methodology across multiple chronic diseases.


Through TACHL’s unique leadership and vast experience in the landing extramurally funded awards we can assist in the life cycle of idea to funding.



Smartphone Medication Adherence Saves Kidneys This project proposes an innovative approach of using mobile health technologies to: 1) help enhance patients' abilities to self-manage their health status and enable their providers to: 2) stay informed of their patients' adherence levels and associated BP levels and 3) make timely changes in medical regimens.

Smartphone Medication Adherence Saves Kidneys
Funded by NIDDK, the SMASK project is a two arm 5 year efficacy randomized clinical trial to improve medication adherence and blood pressure control in recent kidney transplant recipients. The Colleges of Medicine and Nursing are jointly conducting the study with Dr. John McGillicuddy as the PI and Dr. Frank Treiber as Co-I. The intervention arm includes use of an electronic pill tray and a Bluetooth enabled blood pressure monitor linked to a proprietary smart phone app. The app performs on both iOS and Android platforms providing reminders to take blood pressure readings. It also receive the BP monitor data and transmit the encrypted data to TACHL servers. The app provides immediate and cumulative feedback charts to the users of their progress in achieving and sustaining medication adherence and blood pressure control. An electronic pill tray sends encrypted time stamped data as to when medication compartments are used. Tailored SMS feedback is provided directed at helping motivate the user to adhere to the regimen. The user’s physician receives tailored weekly summary reports of their patient’s progress in following the medication regimen and achieving and sustaining KDIGO guidelines for BP control. An education attention control arm involves delivery of healthy lifestyle behavior and wellness information and tips using SMS, links to brief video clips, PDFs, and relevant web links.

Bounce Back Now

Bounce Back Now. Disasters confront individuals with a wide range of stressors, including threat of death or injury, loss of loved ones, limited access to basic needs, and financial strain due to property damage or disruptions in employment.


Firefighters Helping Firefighters Firefighter behavioral health is an urgent issue and the fire service has devoted significant effort toward building effective and accessible programs to address these needs. However, stigma remains a major barrier to getting help. How can we overcome the resistance of firefighters to getting the help they need when they need it most?

Tension Tamer

Smartphone Delivered Meditation for BP Control Among Prehypertensives. Stage 2 pre essential hypertension (preEH; 130-139/<90 mmHg) entails a 3-fold risk of developing EH and 2- fold risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) events compared to those with optimal blood pressure (<120/80 mmHg). Prevention programs are needed which can be sustained by preEHs and readily disseminated by healthcare providers.

About Us

Health Nuts.

Our focus is the development of effective, cost-efficient lifestyle intervention and healthcare management programs that are highly personalized and relevant.

Statewide Collaboration.

We're engaged in multi-disciplinary research with scientists at MUSC, University of South Carolina and Clemson University.


Create software and information systems for mobile smart phones, iPad®/tablet technologies, web based computer assisted programs, and interactive call centers.


Provide the infrastructure to conduct the hardware creation, software development, deployment and maintenance of applications in a secure encrypted environment.


Routinely we provide mentorship to junior investigators who are seeking exploratory or career development awards.


We'll foster economic growth to the state via commercialization of new technology products and development/recruitment of companies involved in various aspects of software and systems technology development and program delivery.


Frank A. Treiber, Ph.D.

Director of TACHL
Endowed Chair, Center of Economic Excellence
College of Nursing

Ken Ruggiero Ph.D.

Co-Director of TACHL
College of Nursing

Sachin K. Patel, MSc

Director of TACHL
Systems Architecture
College of Nursing

Shawntel Parker

Senior Systems Architect
College of Nursing

Tatiana M. Davidson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
College of Nursing

Brenda Brunner-Jackson

Program Manager
College of Nursing

Jonathan Tindall

Software Developer
College of Nursing

Andrew Matthews

Systems Programmer
College of Nursing

Christina Sithideth

Application Analyst
College of Nursing

Andrew West

Application Analyst
College of Nursing

David Hawkins

Systems Programmer
College of Nursing

Adriana Velasquez

Research Assistant Intern
College of Nursing

Brian Bunnell, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar
College of Nursing

Bernard Jansen

Senior Technology Consultant
College of Nursing

Danna Cook

Program Assistant
College of Nursing

Jenna Gunsolley

Research Assistant Intern
College of Nursing

Magaly Torres

Research Assistant Intern
College of Nursing

Mercedes Cain

Research Assistant Intern
College of Nursing

Jennifer Winkelmann

Program Manager
College of Nursing

Luke Sox

Research Assistant
College of Nursing

John C. Sieverdes

TACHL Program Manager
College of Nursing

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