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Smartphone Medication Adherence Saves Kidneys This project proposes an innovative approach of using mobile health technologies to: 1) help enhance patients' abilities to self-manage their health status and enable their providers to: 2) stay informed of their patients' adherence levels and associated BP levels and 3) make timely changes in medical regimens.

Pediatric Injury Prevention

The MUSC Children’s Hospital Pediatric Injury Prevention Advisory Committee partnered with TACHL to develop an MUSC app that delivers injury prevention education to new parents. The app will feature education via brief messaging that will be made available based on users’ preferred format (e.g., once-a-day texts, pushed content). The app will pave the way for a more comprehensive app that addresses a broader pediatric age range.

My Mobile Monitor

A smoking cessation mobile application that monitors stress, craving, environment, behavior, etc through ecological assessments (EMA), carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring. This application utilizes facial recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) for verification.

Burn App

MUSC Children’s Hospital offers specialized burn treatment for patients throughout SC. Care often requires repeated dressing changes at home, leading to patient and parent anxiety as well as multiple trips to the burn clinic to assess healing and prevent complications. We will use mobile technology to improve burn care in the home by connecting patients and families with expert burn nurses and physicians at MUSC.

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